Business Operations Consulting Services, LLC
Found where teaching and practice join, Peter Meagher is a consultant, often serving as an instructor in operations support services
  • His professional goal is to connect people to information management (IM) technology.  IM spans a constellation of tools implemented by organizations for use by management and staff to benefit productivity, exploit opportunities and comply with regulatory mandates. 
  • His professional reward comes from supporting staff and management alike in their efforts to make the fullest use of the vast array of information management tools at their disposal.
  • Credentials include:
    • Degrees in Engineering and Liberal Studies; currently working on an MBA.
    • Permanently licensed by the New York State Department of Education to teach adults the skills necessary to support the operations required of an organization.  Subject areas include programming, applications programs, accounting, office management, business math, ESL (English as a Second Language) and general academic (i.e. everything else).
    • Microsoft Certified Professional, Trainer, Master Instructor and Application Specialist. Primary area of technical expertise is in database systems and applications.
    • CompTIA certified as A+, Network+, INet+
    • Certified in several accounting applications software systems. 
  • Experience include:
    • Consulting roles spanning the software development cycle: analyst (programming systems and business), product manager, project manager; controller and other operations support (back office) roles with a problem-solving mission.
    • Instructional formats consisting of classroom (both on-site and external facilities), in-service, one-on-one and remote access or distance learning.
    • Participant education levels ranging from high school to doctoral levels.
    • Participant roles ranging from staff, technical, management and executive levels.
    • Organizations forms ranging from business (financial, commerce and sales), education, science, engineering and medical.
    • Organization sizes from the small to global.
    • Entities both for-profit and not-for-profit.
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